Only 1st fluid simulation frame shws up


I have weird problem few days now with fluid simulation.
I bake my fluid, and i can see how fluid moves, but after finishing i can see only 0 and 1st frame, but i have all the bake data on disk.

Maybe the infamous fluid bug?
Try this:

I discovered weird thing.
My bake memory was about 7Gb. Soo i lowerd from 400res to 300 and blender memory estimator dropped many times but reall memory use is now 6Gb. I think i was out of memory but Vista did not show that and baked frames are now very different in size 3Mb 10Mb 30Mb, but before very similar and ony a bit different 4,1 - 4,05Mb.

It works now. But just big waste of time because 1,5 days baking but like dead frames or what. And CPU 100%

I was wrong
Thank u soo mutch, your solution worked.