Only 3 export & import Options Available

Hi, new to blender. I’ve downloaded blender 2.49 Windows 64-bit. Made a folder on my C drive and named it Blender. Inside that folder is a folder called Blender249. All files are in the Blender249 folder.

Python version 2.6.1 installed, no errors in window. Now I start up Blender, I make sure the default cube is selected - goto export and it only gives me three options. Have I installed something wrong?

I have Blender on another machine in my home Windows 32-bit versions and everything is fine. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks …


Are your 3 options:

VRML 1.0

If these are the only ones, then it’s prolly a problem with Python. Because all other export options are scripts.

Yes those are the only options available. Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this problem. Thanks …


Really sorry I don’t. What does your shell say about Python when Blender opens up?

No problems it says “got it”


I’m guessing your scripts are missing from the C:/documents and settings/username/application data/blender/.blender/scripts directory. Happened to me a few times… Don’t know why.

If the scripts are in that directory, you might need to set the scripts directory under the user preferences (pull the menu bar thingy down, there paths…

inside the Blender folder (or elsewhere, i don’t use that os), you should have a hidden blender directory
Open it, there’s a “scripts folder”, check inside it, if there’s many files ( around 150?) and specially if there’s some that start with “export”?
If not reinstall?!

Fixed it! Went to preferences and pointed the python scripts directory to blender, now everything works. Thanks to everyone for their assistance.


thanks for the solutions. I’ve had the same problems. however, now that the scripts are working again i can’t save the default settings (and keep the link to the scripts). i get an error message. is this yet another script problem?


got the same weird problem too.

I finally have all possible export files

but now can’t save the user default settings anymore after i set the python-scripts-path to the blender directory.

I believe it is due to Windows7 which denies access and changes in the c:\documents and settings directory completely. Must be new.

Don’t remember but i think in XP and earlier Windows this restriction wasn’t the case.

Or does anyone know a different cause in Winows7 ?

However, along i posted a screenshot of the required path setting for the Python scripts within Blender :

But in Windows7 you’ll still have to set this path new in each blender session for it will block the ability to save default user settings (don’t know why - so ask Max) :frowning: