Only 6 days left...(3 now)

Hi all, this is my entry for the peugeot contest :smiley:
I’m hoping for some good tips and crits. If i’ve got the time I’ll show a wire and a high res backside. (I’ve got to work at the backside but take a sneakpreview here )

Tips for the interrior are very welcome.
thx in advance, BackiZ. :smiley:

:o :smiley:
I on’t post many times on other peoples creations, but I had to on this one.
that is one amazing car you made there

awesome, one thing tho, you cant see the windscreen, thats my only crit, i like the chrome wheels

really nice, but plz change the green for grey or black…the green is absolutly ugly IMHO…

the model itself is awesome!

good job dude! and good luck!

Looks awesome .
Wish I could do a car , would’ve loved to partake in this contest .

Your car looks great , but I think a good anglemap render would do it wonders :slight_smile:

good but soo close to perfect that im shaking.

I REALLLLY think that you should made headlights (i mean like real shiny looking headlights that makes the viewer go: coooool)
I agree with xwarrior. Change the green. Experiment with different colors to see which one goes better with that yellow.
increase the blurrines of the car’s shadow. (i forget official terms)

Hey update :slight_smile:
first a wire, to just show the model:

And the new image.
-softer shadows
-better headlights, but can be even better, and have to do the other light.
-I forgot to turn the anglemap texture on, next time better.
-green is away (hey) but say if you don’t like he blue. Gray is so dead.
-better chairs
The picture:

Please keep C&c :smiley: certainly if you do’nt like it.
See you later, BackiZ

very nice overall… Do you have OSA on 16? Or at all? The image, especiall around the hubcaps, is looking kind of jaggy-jaggedy. Also, the light looks a little too bright, and is making the hood look completely white in some spots…

Could we see some different angles?

I agree with pretty much everything zachogden said (jagged-looking, bright light, and different angles).

Hmm, can’t tell that there are front or side windows. The blue ground looks good, as do the seats. The front of the car looks a bit sharp though and not smooth like the rest of the model; it’s more noticeable in the shadow (see where it curves inwards?) Might want to smooth that part out a bit or something.

Oh yes, I think the tires are too dark; they appear to be the exact shade of black as the shadow. Probably in too much shadow or the Ref is too low.

That’s looking like a paint! Great job!

Right. Childs play.
Very nice lighting.

What more… Almost the same number of details like in my one tyre

:smiley: . But. Really good level of detail for speed modeling contest.

Keep blending

very good, but as I said when you last showed it… I don’t like the doorline. but, that’s just me. :slight_smile:


hey, new angle :smiley:
new things:
-highdetailed wheels (Burt.S :stuck_out_tongue: (btw, your wheels are not very special, not does your car have extreme much details. Or are you pointing at all the text you wrote next to it?)) but still thx for minding it.
-Not yet perfect windows. I’ve redone the strip around it. (colour is going to change). I’ve to spilt them indeed, the doors can’t open now :frowning: :smiley:
-the front thingy is on my todo list, together with the interior.

And sory, the previous render had only osa 5. Is’t 16 now. [small update]

bye BackiZ

beautifull, man !

One more from the back.
(It’s supposed to open downwards)

i do not like the back part but man the rest is pretty awesome!
nice example of blenders power! i hope blender will get some mre
reputation with these projects!


I would buy this car… I think that says enough :slight_smile:
It looks great, and it’s also a good family car… what would you want more?

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