ONLY 8 LIGHTS in OpenGL ?!?!

So there are only 8 lights?!!? WTF?!


Yea!, I know… but its not a real gameengine anyway.
I dont know if it gonna changes then Crystalblend come out.
But see this on the bright side, Its totally free and it is always possible to fake light. :Z

Hell, You have 8 Lamps per Layer, Dude! No OpenGL Engine can handle more. If You bake Lamps to VertexColors, You can use as much you want. 8 real Lamps are more than enough! Read some Game Technics Books.

Fair enough, there are plenty of techniques. But the 8 lights is from like back in the days the dinosaurs walked the earth! I wanted to go light crazy with IPOs and such. Too bad really.

are you not paying attention? even in doom 3 there aren’t more than 8 lights per surface

however, in blender that’s something the artist has to deal with a lot more than the engine

According to the OpenGL Gurus, you can have thousands of OpenGL lights these days. People just dont use them.

Well… first of all you can have only 8 lights in OpenGL… I don’t know was it called software lighting… hmm… but yes you can have more lights with different kind of light management system but that requires a bit more work for the coders. I really don’t know too well since I’m not too familiar with OpenGL coding anyway… Btw this is called ‘dynamic lighting’… with static lighting you can have as much lights as you want, but then you have to compile all of the lights to the level. And in many engines the dynamic lights are handled with turning them on/off depending on the distance that the player is from the light. This way you can have as much of them as you want.

I’ve used 8 lights here, 6 of the lights are just on my spaceship! Thing is I just love the effects you can get with dynamic lighting!!! I’ve even got IPOs on my lamps intensities, to simulate the firring of jets.

Here’s the link if you wanna fly my lil’ baby.

Treat her gently, she’s a wild one!

Well you dont need the six you’ve got, you only need one. As its the same colour and itensity, you could just use a set loc ipo combined with a property to move it to the correct position, at the correct time.

E.g when pressing right you want the left thruster to fire. So go to frame whatever (lets say 3) move the light to the right position and use a set loc keyframe. Next set up some logic bricks so that when you press key RIGHT its sets a property to 3.

Finally set your light to always play the Ipo you recorded with the property option.

Ok, that was a rubbish explanation, but theres usually a creative way to get around most “limitations” in blender.

Your explaination was fine. I know what you meant.

Yep, that could work. But the bottom lights are different colours. I suppose I could do it all with two lights if it came to it, and just change the RGB of the light with IPOs.

Not sure it would look as cool though. :-?