Only allowing a child object to rotate on 1 axis (or 2)

Say I parented an object to an object, but I wanted the child to rotate with the parent object, but I wanted the child object to rotate on only 1 axis, how can I do that in the BGE?

I know vertex parenting, but that doesn’t allow rotations at all, I would like a rotation on just one axis and not all three like regular parenting has the child object doing.

How would I do this?

How about a hinge constraint?

Do hinge constraints work with static objects, these objects aren’t dynamic. Or did Erwin allow hinge contraints to work with static objects, I can set dynamic on these objects however and they don’t fall.

Well this works. Parent your child to the parent. In the case of my example, I want to rotate the child about its Y axis, do R , Y , Y. (for rotate about local Y axis) record the IPOs. then you can play them back with the parent in any position.