Only "Animating" the first frame

I am working on a little animation and did several tests at 25% size and OSA turned off. ONce I knew everything looked the way I wanted I clicked OSA and turned it back to 100% size. But now when I press Animate it only renders the first frame and stops. I have the Start and End frames set up properly but am obviously missing something. Does anybody have any ideas on what I should look at?

Don’t press the RENDER button, but the ANIM button.

I am pressing the ANIM button. Just like I did in my tests that worked.

Check your console output. Sometimes that happens to me when I’m not paying attention and I select a video codec that isn’t fully open (ie locked).
Are you rendering as a video or into images? It’s better to render to a folder of images (PNG), that way if you need to fix something, you can re-render those frames, then put it all together in the sequence editor.
If this still doesn’t work, maybe post a .blend?

It happens to me when the previous video file is still open. Since it can’t overwrite a file “in use” it just stops at frame 1 with no file output. and no error message.

That was it. I had a bunch of programs open in the background when I was trying to render it out. Once I closed all the other stuff down and tried again it worked right. Thanks for the help