Only Dead Here | open project | room modelling works

Hello and welcome to my BGE open game project “Only Dead Here”. It is planned to be a third person zombie survival game with a lot of mind breaking puzzles, exciting storyline and mystery involved. It is reboot version of In-Dome which didn’t get finished those days, even didn’t get any far.

<b>Story</b> |
Main character(the player) is 24 years old girl Jessica Black. The game takes place in huge mansion 4 km away from nearest city. She goes there to visit his uncle who he just found out about. The uncle is brother of his father that was thought to be dead, and lived with different indentity. He found out about the daughter of his brother and mailed him. Uncle sends his cabman to take Jessica here with his luxury hypercar. Once they arrive in mansion cabman named Bob finds out that his garage eneterance card denies his permission to enter. He leaves car outside and goes in mansion with Jessica. Once they go in, a zombie of valet attacks him and starts to eat him. Jessica escapes to the main hall of mansion where gameplay starts.

<b>Characters </b>|
Jessica Black (player) - 24 years - 1.64 m - brown hair, blue eyes, normal build
Bob (cabman) - 37 years - 1.73 m - black hair, brown eyes, athletic build
Goran Black (uncle) - 49 years - 1.71 m - blonde hair, green eyes, weak build

<b>Progress </b>|

First geometry of room model (by Genzer)

More models by Genzer.

Jessica concept (by Aole)

I am looking for people who would like to join this project. I can do most of coding(or all of it), but I need some artists. Game is about to be focused on realistic graphics. Most of lighting will be baked, except for characters and enemies. I am thinking about use of some interesting camera positionings and movements to gain cinematic look, fun gameplay and something new at once. I hope that I can suceed with my plans. However, I will need your help. I need artists. I need people who can model zombies, characters, items, environment and all sort of stuff like that. And also I need animator(s) as I am very bad at animations. So I need your help. If you think that you can lane some time to help this project grow, please, type it down there and I am sure that we will have a lot of fun developing together! For all the team members we will split the game's income fairly depending on how much has each person done;)

Work hard have fun make buisness.

  1. Phuh… I wish I could motivate my self to work really hard.
  2. I do have fun.
  3. When the time comes, when the time comes.

Wanna help?:slight_smile:

Aren’t you already working on a few other games? Its probably best to finish them before starting new ones otherwise you will never be finished.

Last time i tryed bge was 5 years ago, so how can i help. (nice graphics)
I wait till we have a simple material solution (pbr) out of the box.
And support blender particle (simplyfied with prests).
And more 2D filters.

Nah… Currently I am working on Worn Tires vehicle wrapper, but so far it requires sdfgeoff. I need to fill empty time as modelling all the time gets exhausting, especially for me as I am better at programming that modelling…

I have PBR node setup.
It is enaugh for me with easyEmit.
They’re(filters) not that hard to make. UPBGE also is adding uniforms to them so it is getting very handy.

Actually you don’t need much BGE knowledge in this project. Most of BGE stuff I can do myself. I must somebody to make models and textures(diffuse, specular, normalmaps, roughness, emission, etc). Most of knowledge needed is:
-gaining realism
It is almost all that artist should know it this team:D

it requires sdfgeoff

Uh, nope. My aim has been to work through it with you in such a way that you lean the process of developing it so that you don’t need me. To be honest, I don’t think you do need me any more. All the concepts you need (PID controllers etc) I have already taught you and for you it’s simply a case of figuring out how they need to fit together. I can offer advise, but don’t think you need me to continue development of it. There are no more skills that need to be taught for you to finish it.

OK! I will need you to refresh my circular motion knowledge, though. I have no idea of how to do steering things right now:( I know that I must rotate wheel around it’s Z axis(nor global, nor local as wheel is rotation around it’s local X axis, but car can also drive across 30 degrees steep wall. OK! It is off-topic for here. You disappeared from Skype:D

Jessica Black concept art
I’m bad CG drawer, mouse can’t replace pencil, but rubber can’t replace 100% erasing. I need a pen tool for PC…
If someone could convert this to model, it’d be amazing:D

i that jill valentine from re 3??? im bussy at work… now… and I’ve joined the two projects now…

if there is spare time of course I’ll help…

No… She’s not meant to be that similar. And that is evening dress, propably saturated green or red one. You propably thought that it looks similar to the blue one that jill wears, but this one isn’t that well fit and suited for battles. But this character will do the same as Jill did - shoot zombies, knife zombies, kick zombies, pick keys and try to escape:D

I know. Good job that you’re doing there:)

That would be incredibly awesome!:slight_smile:

Hi Adrian, I love horror/mystery games so I join again:)…so we will create a nice zombie game:)

Amazing! Welcome in team and happy blending!:wink:

Bob and Jessica concept images. rememer, that those images most likely can’t be used as references as the proportions are propably off. It is just the concept idea for artists that I throw at you:D

Hi Adrian,… I’m sorry, I don’t have much time for your game now, I’m working on the level assets for Godot engine+small level/landscape, so that the guys could create a nice looking game with Godot:)…my goal is to at least quality as in Gothic 3…so a lot of work:). I have now Godot as my main engine-is amazing and very good working with him.When it’s time I create some models for you.

…if you want to see

OK! Good luck with that project!:wink:

Here some concept for Jessica with proper proportions (may be a little exaggerated). I tried to keep it as close to what you had. Its just pencil roughs but hope its usable.


Oh, thanks! This looks way better than my version:D I hope there’ll come up a modeller who could convert it to 3D space with textures.

I guess I should start making first control scripts soon, after BGMC.

Looks cool! :slight_smile:

(I’d volunteer to help model characters, but organic shapes are not my strong suit :()

I could try creating some rooms/furniture/props for around the mansion. (But I’m kinda busy with school at the moment)

Is there a certain style of aesthetic in the house? (For example, is it an old-fashioned Victorian manor, is it modern, ect.)