only edges ??

where is extrude only edges ? I can only extrude region.
Also is there a way to make the tools opened by pressing f6 ( like knife tools )pop up automatic?
thanks thanks thanks alot

If you have four faces of a quad selected and extrude, it will always pull the face forward with it. You could:
a) Delete it afterward with [x][f]
b) Extrude something other than a closed shape, like 3 sides… then I guess you would have to get the fourth and re-extrude then snap-move it… a pain.
c) That’s about all I can think of.

And regarding [F6] - Hit [t] to bring up the Toolshelf, and look at the bottom. The same options as [F6] are always available in the bottom area.


In edge select mode Alt+E

Richard Marklew:

Just schooled me.


Yes hes good for that.
I just like the pop up tool and was thinking maybe I could get it.
Thanks again