Only emit value of original object in an array affects radiosity

Hi! I am attempting to bake lighting into the mesh using radiosity. The objects that are emitting light (lamps in this case) are placed along a hallway using the array modifier. When the radiosity button is clicked, light only seems to originate from the original lamp.

After some searching through the forums, it seems clear that the radiosity functionality is a bit outdated and needs some TLC from the developers-- is the undesired functionality a product of the tool working incorrectly, or is it to be assumed that the user will apply all mirror/ array modifiers before doing the radiosity calculations?

Here is a rendered image of the problem I am having:


I doubt you’ll see this problem fixed any time soon. It’s my understanding that radiosity has been removed from Blender 2.5, although the inclusion of indirect lighting should more than make up for it.

Thank you very much for the reply-- the information you provided at least prevents me from experiencing undue frustration :). I will look into lighting alternatives.

The new emit values in 2.5 may work. I have not tested them with an array, however.


I’ve just tried out approximate indirect lighting with the array modifier. It worked beautifully.

Rawpigeon, it worked perfectly. I now have a beautifully lit hallway. In case someone else stumbles upon this thread while experiencing the same problem, this is the tutorial I watched to get familiar with the indirect lighting effects in Blender 2.5:

@sfs: If you did the tutorial, can you post the resulting BLEND file here?

@atom: the hallway file is actually bigger than the file limit, though it is certainly nothing special at the moment. However, I will upload the blend file that I first worked on in the tutorial.

I will have to develop a deeper understanding of the indirect lighting by using it and playing with the settings, but I’m happy that the basic goal was met.


indirect lighting test.blend (158 KB)

Cool, thanks for the BLEND file!