Only extrude ?

I watched introductory tutorials at , I discovered 2 tools for modeling. One is extrude and other is a primitive version of insert edge loop maya , " loop cut and slide "

I hate searching , i can find so far , all information to learn this software is desultory Sory for stupid question but are there more ? I havent looked sculpting and I have version 2.59.

Are there tools smilar to maya’s edge loop and quick edge drawing thingy. I saw some subdiv modeling tuts on this site. Do I need plugins or what !?!?!?!

What exactly are you looking for? There are some more tools in the imaginatively named Tool Shelf (;)) on the far left of your screen.

From what I saw of Maya, Blender has far fewer tools by comparison, but on the other hand due to Blender’s design the simple tools it has tend to be more powerful when used together. Anything you do you’ll probably do in more steps, but those steps are smaller and faster. It takes some getting used to, but you can usually model anything you could model in Maya. There are some notable omissions though, like the totally horrible beveling support, or lack thereof, or the quirky grid snapping. The modelling tools are expected to be improved when bmesh is merged into trunk. They’re supposedly on hold right now, no point wasting effort writing tools for the old modeller. For the moment, if you have access to Maya and used to it, you’re better off using that.

I don’t know Maya well enough to know the difference between the edge loop tools.