Only Face looking to side visible

Hi guys, Ive been trying to anylise this video “”, and im trying to figure out the bit in the comment section say “the funnel shape a self-illuminated mesh where only the faces looking to the side are visible”.

I have tried many thing to replicate that effect, different material experimenting with alpha values and normal maps, translucency etc but nothing give that effect, I tried even to figure out if I could adapt the best result I got from the materials and use the compositor to increase the “Contrast” of the alpha values of the mesh, I couldnt really come up with a clean way of doing that though, im not even so sure that its entirly possible.

Regardless Im certain that to the effect was a geometry base effect, nothing to do with the texture of the fractal funnel (unless someone knows otherwise :D). I would really appreciate any help or advise anyone could give, thanks guys :smiley:

Is something like this what you’re looking for?


Oh Zwebbie thanks so much, that is exactly what Im looking for, I have to confess I have never used material nodes before or looked in to them, as I thought that there’s nothing that I would need them for, but I had no idea they were so versatile, and you have access to geometry as well is awesome.

Thank so much Ill defiantly be using material nodes more often now :smiley: