only get 3 export-types


i need to export a model as a collada-type but only get three export-filetypes in the export-menu (the same in import-menu).

Python scripts seem to be required for further export-options, but blender won’t fetch the scripts from the installed Python.

I have already downgraded all the way down to Bender 2.46 since all the later versions certainly cannot find python on my system even though i setted the paths.

I now have Python 2.5.4. installed, cause Blender 2.46 was compiled with Python 2.5 and i tried many other Python versions for my system and different blenders. Non of them colaborated.


Blender 2.46
finally now fetches the installed Python 2.5

and i need it cause i want to export a model as a collada-file.

(btw. I don’t see the option behind “go advanced”-editing to upload here anymore.
It says “You may not post attachments”. W
hy is that?)

The problem now is that i don’t have the choice when looking into the import-, export-menu cause there i only get options opposed to the whole range offered in a correctly setup Blender since the Blender versions of 2.42 i beleave.

So what to do now to get the full list of export-types into my menu?

Thanks premitted.

See if this thread helps

i think there is a build by zebulon on graphicall with has all the scripts preloaded. it’s a 100+ meg download but it has every script avalible. its a 2.49b version. install python 2.6, if you are on windows hit the start button, on the menue on the right second from the bottom should be “default programs”. on the pop up click on associate a file type or protocol with a specefic program. select . py from the list then click on the change program button and select python 26. windows uses a single version often and your default was set to 2.5.