only last Boolean active in modifier stack in blender 2.4?

Hi all,

   I'm trying to apply multiple modifiers (booleans) to one object and I've found two issues in the process:

   - If one applies two booleans (in my case, differences) to an object, only the last in the modifier stack is working, I have to apply that boolean in order to let the upper one act. Ex: Create A, B, C, add modifiers A-B, A-C, only A-C is working.

   -  If I choose (entering the name) an already "booleaned" object (i.e. an object that has already a boolean modifier) as the source for a boolean modifier, only the original object is taken in account in the boolean operation (ex. create A, B, C, add modifiers B-C, A-B, I expected to be, implicity: A-(B-C), but only A-B is shown)

   Are these behaviours the right ones? is there some bug/bad use from my side?

   Just to know, and maybe notice these "problems" (or not)


Added example blend url:

I’ve had these problems too…

There’s an answer to #1: Join the objects that are determining what is subtracted.

It would be more useful if they worked in the logical ways you suggested, can anyone clue us in? Was it programmed this way on purpose because of speed issues?