Only one NLA strip plays??Need help

Just failed to figure out why only the “active” strip in the NLA plays in 2.53.

I have a bunch of strips in there, but they dont mixdown like they are supposed to. I searched about it in vain. Is there anything am not clicking?
Been spending most of my time on 2.48 coz of some now fixed bugs.


Hoping am not the only one stuck with this prob,
Still badly searching > > >

They do mix up properly, you just have to set it up right. Do a test: in a new .blend file, make 2 actions, one location other rotation, on the same object. Now add both to the NLA, each in one channel, one above the other and it should play just fine.

Thanx ptbbastos, Just did that test and the strips play fine.
Prob is if you go further and select that little circle infront of each strip name and just one of them got highlighted “yellow”, you sort of lose all of that and then only the one highlighted gets played.

Getting back is what’s really trickly, for now I guess I wont be touching any of those circles.

To get back select the track(s) and delete’em with X. You must enable the tracks by clicking in that circle, which is similar to a snow flock, so it unlocks the channel. Then, in the header of the NLA Editor, you have an option to continue adding stripes/actions.

YAP! prob fixed! using the test you had suggested I deleted the tracks and did it all again and it was all perfect. I also learned that those little circles are actually SOLO buttons if you only want to observe a single track, and to go back was as easy as selecting it again and everything else works as normal.

Also, working with many strips, when you havn’t really understood how the Exrapolation and Blending options in the tab work is bound to cause disturbance (like it happened to me)

Otherwise thanks a bunch ptbbastos;)

No prob :slight_smile:

I am having a similar problem

Can you be more specific bezier_slinger?