Only One
A nice scene made, while learning how to use zblur plugin + some postpro in PS.
Great for a wallpaper. :slight_smile:

good concept, but it feels too claustrophobic. perhaps if u lessened the amount of objects or turned down the blur a bit

still i like it!

Even if I find this cool you should maybe slow down on the blur size.
zblur is a plugin for simulating the depht of field. And with a big blur size you can’t even see this impression of depht of field, everything is blured.
But perhaps you wanted to blur everything :wink:
And as jaderberg says try to “open” the space around, maybe by zooming out and deleting some cubes.

But it looks pretty cool and i like it.

um yea id say go easy onthe blur- theres just too much right now

*edit jsut looking at the thumbnail makes me think of sugar cubes, I think it would be an itneresting concept to have a bunch of sugar cubes and then a sugar sphere… lol anyway- cheers

The blury places are for keeping your windows/linux desktop icons there. :wink:

And seriosly: the blur is beacouse i tryied to create a macro picture effect - the scene is sopossed to be a shot of someones collection of small items on a desk.

—Nice candy er…sugarcubes :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

----Seriously now: I liked the idea a lot…that kind of “realistic abstact”, as I use to call it…
Wonderful illumination as well. As for the wood texture, maybe you would need a higher reslolution one if you are going to take the shot so close… :wink: