Only paint in uv editor

Hi there,

Painting only works in the uv editor, not in my 3d view window.
I guess i missed something or pressed a wrong button? Any hints?


You are in Texture mode with a unwrapped mesh with an image set in the UV Image editor? There are settings that need to be made before you can paint in the 3d view.

are you in Cycles mode? if yes, go back in internal mode.

I did apply the uv texture to the mapping. My view is set to glsl and when i paint in the uv editor, the object updates.
Found the solution thanks to theblendernerd.
Not only did i have to select the image in uv/image editor but i also had to go in edit mode, select all and then select the image in the uv/editor. The tutorial also explains the process when painting in cycles.
Anyway, many thanks for taking the time to help me.