Only python for Joystick?

Is it also possible to just use a script for Joystick input, without the use of Joystick Sensors?

Thanks again

No, there is not. Typically, you should use the built in sensors for purposes they are designed for, especially when it is for specific functionality. It runs faster, and makes it easier for you as a programmer. That said, in some case it makes sense to just use python if the performance cost is outweighed (e.g sensing more than a few properties) or if it is not worth the cost.

I thought so. Thanks a lot. So to get an optimal performance I figure that I shouldn’t use the module anymore, but only Keyboard Sensors.

Yes and no. This falls into the first clause in the second sentence - when checking > a few sensors at the same time, it’s faster / cleaner to just use

In my case it seems to be better to use Keyboard Sensors instead of the module in combination with Joystick Sensors. The Profile is showing that it saves up to 14% of time spent on logic (on logic bricks and Python code, if I’m understanding correctly).

Using sensors tends to speed up your game because it avoids extra calls to the python controller and extra code having to be run through. However, there are also situations where Python could provide a speed advantage if used correctly. Best is to know how and when to use both, which comes through experience.