Only render reflection

Is it possible to render only the reflection in the same way as it’s possible to only render shadows?

If I have a plain and I only want the shadow to show I can make that plane “only shadow” - Can I do the same with reflection?

It depends what you mean by “Reflection”. If you are using raymirror then just push the RayMir slider up as far as it will go, and select the “Shadeless” button which should be in a group of buttons somewhere near the rgb sliders. if by reflection you mean specularity, just turn off the diffuse shader button and leave the specularity shader on (cant actually remember where these buttons are, have a look in the blender doc)

But if you are using environment maps then i havent got a clue.

hope that helps!

Yes, I am using RayMirror. I want to render a PNG with alpha background so that I can place the image over my own colour. Therefore, I do not want to render the plane but just the reflection.

Putting the slider to full and selecting shadeless is sort of what I’m after but I would prefer less reflection and obviously don’t want the plane!

Hmm im not to sure about how easy that would be. As far as i know you have to have an object there to do the reflecting (i may be wrong) and even if that object is the same rgb as the background it will still have an alpha of 255. if you then take the alpha slider down to zero, then the alpha on the finished rendering is zero, but you also cant see the reflection.

Just an idea though, could make a copy of the objects to be reflected, give them a z size of -1 (to flip them over), and move them? this would make a perfect reflection, and so if you wanted less reflection then you could always post-process the image in something like The Gimp. im not sure if that would work for what you were doing though.