Only The Wind?

“Yo Dawgs”.

This is my second peice that is kinda worthy of posting here - “Only The Wind?” The guy is supposed to be paranoid about something he heard outside btw. It’s my first render with UV mapping utilized, here used to get the bricks the right size. I couldn’t really get the right feel to the scene…

At first I wanted it to be inside the hallway of a haunted looking mansion, but I don’t think I could texture it and make it look proper. Also the camera would have been closer to the guys face and the face details a bit better but for outside it seemed good to be about to see the surrounding…

Here it is:

It only took me a portion of the afternoon to make, I can keep pumping out this nooby crap forever! I think it is a pretty good scene though, if it were done better. C&C please :D.

I think its better that he’s looking outside, youre more paranoid if you take a lamp and look outside than if youre just looking inside your house.

I like his face. Does he see something? :smiley:

Hey, looks good. Maybe put a halo in the flashlight, so it looks like there is a bulb.

There is a halo on the light… I intensified in photoshop. I put a lamp inside the torch to make it look better but if it was too bright it made unrealistic light bouncing off to the sides :frowning: