Onnevan Sketchbook

I’m putting this up to force me making more blender stuff!:yes:

Unfinished, but this is a sketchbook, isn’t it?:wink:

Another one

onnevan . Cool creature! Nice Sculpt, and render also.
Is that Dyntopo or MultiRez?

Rgearding your question you posted in Ranquin’s sketchbook.
I never retopo my dyntopo sculpts if I’m rendering just a still. I had described my workflow in this post. I used to transfer the UVz in Maya, but Blender has since got a tool for transfering UVz, so you can do the whole thing in blender now.

Very nice job sculpt and render !

@ @0rAngE

Thank you very much, that was what I was looking for!, I just don’t feel like retopoing never-ever, I’ve usually have lost interest when I finished the model to retopo it, but a nice texture is well worth the extra effort. Yout sculpts are so cool!

Thanks, your sculpts are trully amazing, they are some of the best I’ve seen done in Blender so I take it as a true compliment

Can you tell me whats the tool for transferring UV coordinates from one mesh to another with a different polycount?

(Object Mode) Toolbar > Edit > Data Transfer : Data > Face Corner Data : UVs

The tool has a lot of options with varied results.
You can find some of the settings that worked for me in this test thread.

Thank you so much, I’m going to try it right now!

Count Orlok…kinda.
Testing uv mapping with dyntopo mesh, thanks to @0rAngE for teaching me how. Clothes are just a rough sketch, I’ll finish them later on, for now I’m tired of him, although he’s such a nice guy