ONrunning Cloud Pro Court shoe

Hello there,this is my latest work done in Blender 2.91.
ONrunning nowadays is one of the most intreresting sports brand in the market.
Owned by tennis player Roger Federer.Watching Roger competing with his sponsors and not with his own brand,that gave me the idea to try to make something for them.Like a proposal.A tennis shoe,with ONrunning’s DNA with a different design language focused on tennis instead of running.
Here’s the result.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Nice work man, looks crisp and detailed!

I’m a person who loves to give constructive criticism, hoping that the author of a render would notice and consider my opinion later on.
I have nothing I can critique you on that’s visibly wrong and would make this unrealistic, so, very good job.
I love the black and white color scheme, and I like how the shadow is a thin line, that give my attention more to the shoe.
Good job and I hope all of your work is as good as this.

Awesome! Would love to see the mesh and a few more views.

Me, too.

This model is “clean as a whistle!” :+1:

And that’s exactly what an advertising picture needs to be. The goal is to make a tennis shoe look "irresistibly sexy!"

Hi got more stuff in my Artstation.Thank you

Cheers Bart!

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… gonna link to that artstation? lol.

Where’s the rest of the character? :face_with_monocle:

JK, cool shoe :smiley:

Hi,I am 3d shoe designer and 2D designer as well…I don’t do characters.

I realize that. JK means Just Kidding. Please pardon the abbreviation, I sometimes forget not everyone knows them.