Onshape to Blender so I can render!

Does anyone have a workflow for importing Onshape CAD into blender to add texture and then render it? Would love any tips.
At the moment I am looking at exporting as an STL from Onshape, UV unwrapping and applying texture.
If I have duplicate parts in an assembly, is there a way of applying the same UV mapping and texture to the duplicate parts. Kind of like a ‘replace’ feature?

Thanks in advance!

There don’t seem to be any UV mapping options in OnShape as of now. If you’re only going to work with a single model or a few, you could take advantage of Blender’s Smart UV Project feature.

This has been a nightmare for me with OnShape and Fusion 360 as I need to export tens of models whenever they are changed. So I’m in need of some sort of automation, e.g. a command-line approach like Microsoft’s UVAtlasTool, which I haven’t been able to get working for some reason.

There’s also xatlas, Blender’s Python API, Ministry of Flat (paid), and also Unreal Engine, which I currently use for rendering, can generate UVs in the mesh viewer/editor as of now.

Hope you find any of this helpful.

Hi, do not use the STL format, but use the following in order of quality: glTF saved with glb extension and not glTF, OBJ or Collada, these formats can retain many characteristics of the 3D model, STL only the basic information without materials.