Ontario Canada Non Profit Historical Group Needs Help!

Hello my name is Gary McLaughlin and I am looking for people interested in helping our historical society rebuild a town that existed 120 years ago in Ontario Canada thru pictures and other media into a 3d model. If anyone has free time and is interested please feel free to email me ASAP.

Gary McLaughlin
[email protected]

Byng Inlet and Britt Historical Society

Sure I can do 1 model. I will shoot you an e-mail too. Im not from canada but I love history.

Why do you want it in 3d?

The reason why we wish to do this project is to allow students and teachers, specifically of those history students, an opportunity to see how a lumber town located in Ontario was built. We have source photos and dimensions of other buildings as well as complete fire insurance maps of the whole town. The ability to remake this now ghost town and bring it back to life would be an amazing tool for students as well as giving a copy of the 3d map to all the libraries in the area inclusive of the National Archive and Library of Canada for posterity.

Gary McLaughlin

Hi Gary.

I am definitely interested in helping you out. I’m from Canada (Ontario). I love history! My email address is below.

[email protected].

To be completely honest I have no idea what 3d format to use. I would allow the artist team to develop the project as they see fit. Full credit would be given to the artist team as my historical group could provide only information and photos of the various buildings. Some “artistic license” would have to be taken by the artists as some buildings we have only pieces of them in photographic form. The project as a whole will be amazing and be cherished by the historical community both online and in schools. I hope this helps you. Basically when it comes to art i’m about as talented as a 3 year old!

Gary McLaughlin

Well in 3D, as I know it, there are a lot of cheating when it comes to “How a building is built”. Sure there will be some cool render of the buildings, but it’s no CAD(blueprint) for use when it’s finished.

For an overall picture how the place looked like then it’s great use. Like those shows in discovery channel. Before they got bad and everything is about cars and choppers.

What you could do is to make a mini map with papers and cubes, describing where a building is at. So it doesn’t get to hard on them that are making the buildings.

Assign some 3d guy to lead the progress. Cause it can get ugly if someone has no idea how 3d works and makes all the decisions.

I’m from Cambridge,ON. What town are you talking about? I am very interested in this.

My email is ijn my signature if you want to drop me a line.


Thanks so very much for your interest. I will personally email those who are interested and give them all the info on exactly what we’re doing and you can co-ordinate with the project manager, Michael. This project will go a long way to helping piece together history for the students and libraries around northern ontario.

Gary McLaughlin

I’m surprised not a lot are responding to this great opportunity to add bells
and whistles to one’s lackluster portfolio and resume. This is not something
like a pro bono work. How I wished I’m experienced enough to join a very
worthwhile commitment.:smiley:

I don’t have alot of freetime, but if I am assigned to one specific building, I think I can pull it off.

snowshoe AT gmail DOT com

I am very much pleased that people out there see the merit in this project. I’m thrilled that there are so many people out there at care about helping out a group such as ours. This project really and truly is a dream come true.

Gary McLaughlin

If anyone else is interested, you can contact Gary at the email address from the messages listed above.

Gary asked me to be a lead. I agreed to join wholeheartedly. We can help each other out, contribute and make this project great together.

This is my hotmail address so that we can chat on msn messenger (or any other compatible messenging software):

[email protected]

I see there’s an Archetechtual version of Blender. Would this work better for creating the 3d map of Byng Inlet or would the standard Blender achieve this better?


i tried the arblender, its no different from the regular in my opinion, and since im working on this with syndic3d ill just use regular

Thanks so much I just got the email from Michael. I’ve forwarded info on your progress on things to the other members of the historical society and been getting tons of exciting emails. To say you’re changing the lives of people would be an understatement and adding to the history of this once central point in Canadian Lumber history!

Gary McLaughlin

ive just finished modeling the general store, its a raugh scetch just to see how its going to turn out



your post didn’t have it up. Just a dead link. You can try to email it to me if you wish or repost?


it works just fine…

This looks absolutely amazing! I really can’t believe you’re work! May I please forward this link to the website for others to see?