OOM [email protected]'s URL

Due to lot of access to the OOM trailer, the provider decided to stop my account. As I got no moeny to open an account right now, neither the time to looking for one, the trailer will be down definitely. I will try to find people to put on tehir website a new trailer, with a better compression and a more reasonable size.
If anyone knows someone that could be nice enough to do that, without beeing disturbed by it, it would be great.
I feel really ashamed to ask you people something like that, I wouldn’t imagine, but as I see this trailer kept some people interested for 2 days, on elysiun as well as cgtalk, insidecg and 3DVF, maybe that would be good someone would be able to keep it online.

Anyway, I can be joined to the following adress
[email protected]

Thanks to anyone who can help me, and in fact thanks to everyone who has supported me until now.

And do not worry, if no one can help now, I’ll keep u aware of the movie website it’ll be released in February, and the full movie will never be down :)))

Edit by Kib_Tph: I decided to host these files on the elysiun webspace temporarily: high: https://blenderartists.org/hosting/temp/OOMTHigh.zip low: https://blenderartists.org/hosting/temp/OOMTrLow.avi

Well, I have yet to DL this, so that really sucks.

Why don’t you ask acasto if he still has space on iptic.com? If he does, he can give you your own web address and you can host it there. If not, I could probably host it, depending on the file size.


Sorry to look that stupid all of sudden, but…who is acasto?

Do a user look up and you will see acasto. Send him an email or PM and he can get you started or let you knoe that he does not have any more space.


www.iptic.com <—the site of acasto :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks people

Dude, that sucks :o

Anyways, as I think yer a F**kin’ great artist I decided to upload the low bandwidth version, I didn’t upload the biggie due to my limited webspace:


Hope that helps :smiley:

Please try to post on an appropriate forum next time.

sorry, I just checked my quota. don’t have the space even for the small one.
that really sucks. Perhaps an appeal to Kib to host it on the elysiun gallery? its a pretty cool animation after all.

Since when did you become a moderator?


Hey [email protected] !!!
That’s very nice from you !!!
As long as at least the small one is online that’s enough for people to have a taste of it. And I thank you ALOT !!!
If you don’t care to make an announcment of this link, that would be great !!!
But maybe you’re visit limited…?
Anyway if you can contact me at [email protected] I would love to talk to you about it, to see if I can tell other 3D site where to watch the trailer, or not.

I really appreciate your kindness !

Since when did you become a moderator?


I’m not one, but I can still post here can’t I?

this was the oppropriate forum…since it was linked to the trailer

But is the trailer a WIP?

No, sorry, but it’s not a wip.
the style is textureless.
I’m sorry if you didn’t like it :slight_smile:

ANd don’t expect awesome animations, it’s my first animation and I’m still learning.

Sure you can tell any forum you want about the trailer, it shouldn’t cause any problems at all… :smiley:

IPTIC is a brilliant host, you should get an account with Acasto. The pros are this:

Unlimited file size
No banner ads or popups
Great bandwith (from what I can tell anyway)
Oh, and its free and maintained by a very kind fellow Blenderhead :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll look into it and see if I can upload the biggie tonight, how big is it exactly?

it’s around 20 megs.

I wrote to ACASTO, but they didn’t answered me.

By the way, why are you writing about Zblur, would you be by anychance related to his creation?

20 megs? :o :o :o

Man, that is one fat animation!

Anyway, I will try and do my good deed for the day and upload it for you, but I will have to wait for about 4 hours before I can begin to upload it…

And no, I didn’t create the Zblur plugin, I just love using it :wink:

Ack! It seems that sometime in the last week my brain decided to take a vacation :smiley:

It just occured to me that I can’t upload the bigger version because I don’t actually have it…oops :expressionless:

I do have another idea that will work tho’, I’ll PM you to tell you what it is as it is not the kind of information I want many people to know about…

well now i GOTTA know! :wink: