OOM website online again (added demoreel)

Hi everyone.

Just a little hello to tell you that my site is up again after all this time.

OOM : OUT OF MEMORY short movie ( a little bit old now) as well.

For the moment, only the french version is uploaded. I need to recompress the US version. I should put it online in few days. And in few days there’ll also be a japanese version I own to my japanese friends for a long time too, thanks to yamyam’s help.

UPDATED : also you can find a demo reel there. Not the most recents works (I’m still working on it), but it’s there :slight_smile:

adress :


For all this may worth, I loved this short. But true, it’s a bit old now. I wish you made an OOM 2 :slight_smile:

hey hey hey! welcome back, we missed you here!

Hi Andy and congratulations for your work at project Orange!!!

Well I’m happy to see that your back.
OOM was one of the shorts that got me interested in diging into blender for animation.
The other vids on your reel,
was this after OOM and were they done with blender also?
Nice body of work BTW.

some effects were done with Blender. For example, all the cartoonish, Roger Rabbit style town is made with Blender. Also the yellow particle explosion to give an example.

woooooo! does a little jig finally i have the net speed and lack of megabyte limit to download OoM! Cheers!