OOOLALALALA will blender hair sell ?

Lookin’ good! The progress on blender’s hair system has absolutely blown me away. No I need to get up to speed on it!


Hair for me tends to be iffy. Occassionally it will render, sometimes I get nothing. Kind of weird when an eyebrow disappears.

Do difference happen on consecutive renders? Have you reported it in the bug tracker???

Seriously it drives me nuts that people talk about bugs and yet I haven’t seen the bugs posted to the tracker - if developers know about bugs they will usually fix them - if they don’t know - chances are they won’t fix it, if they hear about it, but have no way of reproducing it - then it will be extremely difficult to fix.

SO… whenever you feel the urge to post about something that is a bug - please instead take that same time - and post the bug in the tracker :slight_smile:


digital_me: if u wanna get up to scratch my tutorial can help to get you back of your feet with the new particles

I thought that was already fixed -->

But may be I’m wrong.

Just a simple animation.

That is nice. Would you care to share your settings for the process that you used to make this hair animation with us?

OrtiZZ well new filter options are inlcuded but that is not a better AA code. the new filter options are a great addition but like adaptive or edge aa is something blender realy needs. well it is also a common problem with animation and a flicker problem with proceduals. mental ray just got rid of that issue some versions ago.

Thanks, kmaro for taking the time to make those available. :slight_smile:


did you model the wrinkels at the eyes on purpose with loops?
you add an awefull amount of geometry to the face.
what about using bump or displacement maps?

but otherwise i like the scuril way the character is modeled.
the sharpness of facial features and body features is striking.


Hi all,
Ok, the setting for the curve path of the hair is not a fixed setting.Let start about how I modelled the hair.
First You should,Yes You should know what type of haircut you will create.You can search on the web,on catalogue,etc…
Then create the emiter base for the static particle hair,the scalp.It should be aproximately the same “contour line” of what you see on catalogue.For hair which has separation in the middle,instead of using weight paint,personaly I delete the,for exp, the left side of the scalp and paste it on another layer (m) for the hair not to be affect with the other side.
Another tips when I modelled the hair is that I start in order so I can easily see the transformation of the hair.Also ,I finished adding the vertex weight setting and apply softbodies to them before I start duplicating.The only one thing that need is a better collision system for the hair (long hair) to collide with its shoulder and also not to penetrate in the face.I never try to used spherical on the field and deflection panel, maybe this can be useful i don’t know.
For the setting,let say that on a path which has six vertex, piticulaly if the hair is frontal and which has little amound of hair,for the first three vertex,the weight setting is 1.0000,the two after is 0.9980,and the last is 0.9960 or 0.9940.You can also increase the amount of gravity in the softbody panel and the mass and decrease the G stiff.Don’t forget to press the little “W” on.The two side and the back of the hair is a little heavy.Ok I let You try it tell me what do you think.