ooOO I have updated my site 3DLAB OOoo



not bad, but i think you might want to:

a) cut the amount of news shown, or

b) make sure that all the news have a white background! :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice

You should make sure that everything on all pages has enough background

enogh background , do you use explorer other than IE

I’m seeing the writing go off the bottom of the background too - I’m on Firefox btw.


Your website looks different when viewed in Firefox 2 or IE 7 on Windows XP.

I’ve been updating my website and it looked terrible in IE 6.

I guess it’s quite hard to get websites rendering correctly? I’ll leave it to the experts!

yeah, youll basically have to make your website work in quirk’s mode to get it to work well on both ends :frowning:

what is meant by quirk , …

I use firefox