Oooooold cow anim

I wisited old blend of mine tweaked it little and added some sound to it.
Sounds are just something i found from net and lsapped em togeather with windows recorder :o My first sounds so there must be something to crit :smiley:

Anyway here is link:

well, I don’t really have anything to crit about the sounds. they are good. only problem is the missing fly… :slight_smile:


Yeah, didn’t you have the fly in the original animation? I thought i remembered it being there.

Nice work though.


Well personally i think that “moo” is little too much.

I had bee and mosquito, but i think that now with sound it really dont need it?

Yes… I don´t really miss the fly mosquito or bee or whatever…
The sounds are enough and i think its so very funny without the flybeemosquitoorwhatever

The animation is also very nice… :smiley:
But you need more keyframes (not frames) to bring real life in the animation (the animation of the hit isn´t really good… too stiff … well)

But it´s already a very good work

Having watched it 5 times, i have to say its exceptionally good. I like it how there is that cartoonish feel about it, i also think the expressions you gave it fit in perfectly.
Cant wait for some more work from you.