"Oops! I just ate myself!"

Introducing the Terrycloth Tiger singing “Oops! I just ate myself!”

This is an animation I made for one of my YouTube channels. It was based on a weird idea I had for a song a few months back.

To date, it’s one of my most Blender-heavy projects. Very little Flash went into it, with the only major exceptions being the outro splash and some occasional test compositing.

I wanted to try to do as much of the animation and actual compositing in Blender as possible this time.

Big Things Learned on this Project

  1. The Vector Blur (motion blur) for the fur came out not according to expectations. To compensate, I exported two OpenEXR Multilayer image sequences, one WITH FUR and one WITHOUT FUR. I then used the Depth and Vector Passes of the one WITHOUT FUR to feed into the Vector Blur node of the one WITH FUR.

  1. I quickly realized the foliage would take WAAAAAAY too long to render unless I were to use the pseudo-shading trick with “Emission Shaders” and the “Dot Product”, but I was concerned about the lack of ACTUAL shadows from overlapping leaves. So, I created a separate packed PNG of a fake shadow and, depending upon distance along a certain axis, adjusted the prominence of the pseudo-shadow.

(That way, foliage in the back could appear as though it had shadows from leaves in the front, even though we’re using only emission shaders.)

  1. The “Particle Index” for Hair Objects, which I wanted to use to vary color, seemed to give an inconsistent value when the parent object moved. A good workaround seems to be going into “Advanced” settings, unchecking “Random” and “Even Distribution”, zeroing out the “Jittering Amount”, and manually using the “Particles/Face” field.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun making this very weird animation :slight_smile: Any feedback (even highly critical feedback) is appreciated! Peace and God bless!


Why use the old version of Blender?

I use an older version of Windows :slight_smile:

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