Open and save .blend to network resource in windows

I mounted a samba share that looks like \SOMESERVER\somefolder
How to open and save .blend files to that share.
Blender file/open file/save menu shows only disks like C:, D:\ etc.

You can type the name of the server in directly. For instance, on OSX I have to type the word “Volumes” to see additional USB attached drives.

On windows if you map the drive to a drive letter it should show up as expected.

The problem is that Windows version of blender does not allow to type in \SOMESERVER\somefolder\ in file open dialog box.
This \SOMESERVER\somefolder\ works anywhere else like in render output path but not in File Open and File Save.

I’ll try that “Map network drive” stuff.

Mapping a network drive did help out in Windows.
Now I’d like to access the same share on a Mac too but when I type /Volumes/ in File Open dialog box, it does not show that.
But Finder Window shows that network share.