Open AutoCAD file using Blender

How to open AutoCAD file using Blender?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Enable the .dxf importer addon

Thanks for your reply.
I can’t download the .py file from the download link. It appears as a page and when I try to save the page, it saves as .txt file.

Saved as .py file… thanks!

But I’m still not able to open it using Blender… Haiz…

The addon comes as part of the official blender installation. You don’t need to download anything, you have the addon already in your User Preferences / Addons panel. Just enable it.

Yup, enabled it and imported the file but it comes out with a blank.

I didn’t try to import dxfs for quit some time, but, if I recall correctly, you need to explode everything in your dxf before exporting and then remodel everything in Blender.