Open .blend files on NAS - New scene?

Hi, I recently got a NAS and put it in my home network. I saved some .blend files on it and if I open them I get a new scene rather than what I worked. If I copy the blend file on my desktop it works fine.
Is it not possible to open blend files from a NAS/network?

Doesn’t anybody know a solution? Btw. I use Windows 7.

Nope :confused: I’ve got a network share I just tested on, and the .blend file opens fine on Win 7/8.

What’s an example of the file path?

Mines stored on \HOMESERVER\Documents\ where the Documents folder has been mounted as Z:\ so Z: est.blend is how I open it in Blender.

I know know what the problem was! I opened my blend files directly from \Box\3D\ ( my NAS) and did not have the share mounted to a drive.
Now I clicked ‘Map Network Drive’ in my computer and I can open blend files now!

Thank you zeealpal!