[Open Cinematic idea] cinematic intro for a video game?

I wouldn’t mind having a grand opening cinematic for Steel Storm 2 (and the ending cinematic) made for us in Blender. It could be turned into another open movie project and funded through Kickstarter or any other source (or maybe even same way as BF funded their open movies).

Blender will get a boost as it would be used in actual commercial project, the cinematic will not suck from the end-user point of view, Blender users will get another cool movie into their collection and everyone will be happy :slight_smile:

It could be also an opportunity for an aspiring future animation studio who is waiting for a break through project.

Also I am wondering what it would actually cost to make a real-time machinima type of cinematic and pre-rendering cinematic ? (about BBB / WarCraft / Diablo 3 quality and complexity if pre-rendered)

Great idea, presuming you find someone with sufficient skills and will to devote time and you get the funding.

I doubt it though.

But, I’ve just found out that you can use Source Filmmaker for commercial projects (excluding valve’s assets), which is pretty exciting.

Anyway, are you looking for environment artists for SS2?

Q. Can I make money with this tool?
Yes, but not if you’re using Valve’s assets in your movie. The tool is free for non-commercial use. You can use Valve’s game assets (things like characters, props, particles, textures, and sounds) to create movies and images to share with the game community, as long as what you create is free. We’re not giving you a license to commercialize our assets. However, if you do not include any of Valve’s assets in the movies and images that you make, then there are no restrictions on what you do with your content and you can make money with it.

Which means you can make your Total Conversion for TF2, record a video, put it up on YouTube and monetize it. Or make a movie, burn it on DVD, sell that DVD. That’s all you can do. FilmMaker doesn’t have any use outside of TF2. And if you can make Total Conversion, why not to simply make a whole new game o_O

Well, I am kinda hinting that BF could join the forces with us and make an open cinematic. They have enough marketing power to crowd fund this project :slight_smile:

I am always on lookout for artists, especially Blender artists as I have 2 games in production. I am offering small profit share as compensation, so if you are interested, e-mail me: motorsep gmail com

I guess there is no interest. Oh well… I guess money should be better spent in a studio with 3DS MAX and other proprietary tools.

ah but there’s the caveat,there was no mention of money being spent.

only kickstarter and crowdsourcing which is kind of easy to say but not to be succesful without a proof of concept already in place. (but you do have a full game which helps)

You cannot wish a fullblown intro with good production values and not offer something in return.
It nearly sounded like :“hey i wouldn"t mind waking up with an intro in my mailbox with no effort from our side”

That’s not how it works.

As it stands though,i looked at your game and it seems interesting.

I’d be willing to invest time in this, but I can’t do this alone. Nor am I willing to sink my time in a kickstarter (even if I wanted to,I cannot,I’m european) that is not garanteed.

If you wish to hire me,I can be your man. I’m not expensive. But I can’t be paid with pats on my back. I cannot eat those.

I’m willing to apply

It’s how it works with Blender Foundation. They start project, fund it through grants and pre-orders, which is kinda worse than Kickstarter. The team gets together not for free, but Ton doesn’t reach into his pocket and does not throw his money on developers (maybe he does, but I highly doubt it).

I actually asked if anyone know what it would cost to make such intro (in case I get lucky and actually get that amount of money + development money via crowdfunding).

There issue here is that there is no project of that quality made with Blender. BBB is the only one that I can say would fit in. So if I did have money, I wouldn’t be asking suck questions here and went risk free with some studios who specialize in game cinematics.

So this is balanced solution - I take risks getting cinematic intro done by a team that never done that before with a tool that might work, might not work. Team/studio takes risks in not completely funding the development (well, in that case it simply won’t happen anyway), but getting a chance to not only get Blender to the new heights, but also putting foundation on the industry turf.

This is just a concrete proposal, practical and goal oriented.

I am not looking to build a team. It has to be a team that I outsource my project to. Either BF themselves, or similar team who worked together on something, has portfolio and so on. Without portfolio, there is no way people will pledge their money for this. It’s a gamble to begin with (as any crowdfunded project), but if the team hasn’t done work together and has nothing to show, it becomes a gamble with bad odds.


I can see where you are coming from
and I’m certainly willing to help push this in the right direction.

BlenderFoundation seems unlikely since they just finished a project and are not looking to do another one really soon.
And if there are teams here…I haven 't seen them show interest.

I’m willing to be part of any team that does.
I’d even want to explore doing some pre-production work to explore if this could get lifted of the ground.

Maybe this could work,maybe not,but you’ll have to have a bit prepared first before you kickstart anything.

Do you have any date set as a release,or is that much too soon?

How do you see pre-production for that kind of project?

Of course. I am aiming to release episode 1 in fall 2013, that’s if my crowdfunding will collect anything meaningful.

If you need a team for your production or just to get a quote on costing, did you try Blender Network?

I don’t see how do I communicate with them, unless I create an account which is not a free thing. I find it absurd.

I meant using Blender Network to find someone to approach to work on the game, not signing up for it.

Everyone listed on BN has contact details and it contains contact info for collectives like Red Cartel, Studio Lumikuu, etc. At the very least, you might be able to approach them for a quote and put some money down for concept development, pre-production, etc.

Right now you have an idea and a game it’s attached to. (Incidentally the game looks fun. :slight_smile: ) If it were me in your position, i’d write some ideas down, find a concept artist you like, tell them what your production budget is (so they don’t go too crazy) and what your ideas are (so they have something to work with), then set them loose for however long they need to rough out some visual ideas for you. Once you’re happy, get some storyboards set so you know what you’re aiming for. This bit is called pre-production. You need to do it before you ask around for modellers, animators, etc, and it’s the exact same deal regardless of what technical pipeline you end up using.

Then and only then once you’re all done with pre-production do you ask for help with production (modellers, animators, etc). That way people know what they’re getting themselves into, they can get excited about it, etc. If you haven’t got a way of even getting through the cheapest part of the process of making the cinematic, that’s a bad sign.

If you’re aiming to get a Diablo 3-quality cinematic done (let alone two of them), i hope you have a ton of money to spend. And be very careful of the “but the exposure will be worth it for you/Blender!” line - it makes you sound like an untrustworthy predator, no matter what creative industry you’re in. (I heard this one a lot in the recording industry. It was never ever true.)

Good luck with the game. :slight_smile:


Ahh, I see. I thought pre-production is done by the cinematic studio. So I guess it makes sense to do it myself to make sure there is less miscommunication down the road.

I didn’t mean “do it for free and get exposure as a reward”, I meant both parties take a risk and crowdfunding would lessen those risks. If a studio looking for a solid project, this is a perfect opportunity. Meaning they could use Steel Storm 2 as leverage to gather the funds for the cinematic (assuming Steel Storm 2 gets funded that way, because otherwise I won’t need cinematic; but even in that case studio still can use their crowdfunding to make cinematic). It works for both parties, no one gets ripped off.

Diablo 3 had several cinematics. I need only 2 :slight_smile: And I am 100% sure Blender won’t pull that kind of complexity. Because if it could, it would have been done already.

What about doing cinematics in engine? It seems to be cheaper as I would mostly need animators (although Deus Ex: Human Revolution team wrote in the postmortem that it doing traditional pre-rendered cinematics was cheaper than in-game cinematics)

The Blender Foundation do some sponsors prospection and due to the BF creating movie they get some financial help from movie founding groups in their country

But i doubt finding sponsors this way can be applied for an individual that makes an independant game in order to have nice CG cinematics.

I think the best bet if you’re indie and needs some founds to hire people is to get into Indiegogo, not Kickstarter and that for a major reason : even if you’re eligible (only people from the USA can get on Kickstarter apparently) Kickstarter is a “all or nothing”.
So if you are not lucky enough to reach the target you set for the founding, you get nothing at all, your commercial project is then back to square 0 , you always have nothing to hire anyone to help.

Now indiegogo features an interesting option they call "Flexible Funding campaign’ , in which at the set date even if you don’t reach your desired target you still recieve the founding collected up to then.
Allowing you to still have some founds to hire help on your commercial project, much better than getting back to nothing and not being able to continue on your project the way you need.

But still, similar to Kickstarter, you’ll need to attract people on your Indiegogo crowd founding run, so good videos, good screenshots and good advertisiting descriptions will be a must.

As far as i know you can approach a studio about the whole pipeline - pre-production, production and post - and any studio you approach might be able to recommend or lend an artist to you for pre-production, someone they have worked with before for example. It’s possible that the person doing pre ends up being the art director in production. And once you jump from storyboards to animatics, if you take that step, that’s another skillset again.

I’m absolutely confident Blender can be pushed way harder than people have pushed it before now - the toolset is there, it’s just a matter of having the time and talent and expertise to do it. Blender’s community is skewed pretty hard towards enthusiastic amateurs and as such you’re not going to get people who are able to sink thousands of work hours into creating a movie in their spare time without some reason for doing so.

I mean there’s cases like Martin Lubich and “Ara’s Tale” but he’s an outlier.

Really depends on your game engine. If you can re-use existing assets for what you want to do, it saves someone remaking them and you get more cohesive art direction as a bonus because you’re not jumping from pre-render to realtime. But if (for example) the assets aren’t rigged for the level of animation you want, and the engine doesn’t make directing detailed animation easy from within, then pre-rendered could be the way to go.

@Sanctuary: IndieGoGo is what I am aiming for. I guess finding sponsors is a job too and I don’t want to deal with it unless I know I have funds to continue making the game full time. So I should try that route. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

@quollism: I don’t really want to start flaming over what Blender can and can’t do :slight_smile: But while Ara’s Tale shows impressive skills and dedication of Martin Lubich, it’s nowhere near as good as many video game cinematics. Now that I am thinking about it, I don’t really need that kind of crazy quality because my game is in manga / anime style. So I would need anime cinematic, which Blender easily can handle.

My gut feeling is that Blender can go further than it’s been pushed previously but as you say, the proof is in the pudding and that particular pudding’s not on anyone’s plate yet. :slight_smile: (Not that i’m personally fussed - hyper-realistic bombast with a rain of fireballs threatening to set the awful wooden dialogue on fire isn’t my thing.)

Before you crowdfund, i reckon go through the pre-viz part and get a more solid idea of budgetary and resourcing requirements. At least then you can set expectations, you have something to show people and as the intro/outro get made, you have something tangible to show people when it comes to progress reports. Just how i’d go, YMMV as people say stateside. :slight_smile:

Aye, gotta roll up my sleeves :slight_smile:

There are different categories of art. Art for the sake of art (so called artistic movies), and commercial art. Most people pay money to see hyper-realistic bombast with rain of fireballs (or something like WoW: Mist of Pandaria). I don’t really know why directors put wooden dialogues, but my guess is that’s what 13 y.o. easily understand and relate to :slight_smile:

Yeah well, 13 year old boys are a massively overtargeted market in my opinion but that’s a discussion for another time. :slight_smile:

Good luck!