Open Courseware - Online Blender Class

I have been using Blender as the primary software for my Tufts University 3D Design class for a number of years. All of the class material is now online at:

on edit:

The course contains weekly learning units consisting of over a hundred video tutorials and some 25 PDF tutorials. All associated files including completed tutorials can be downloaded. The video tutorials are in streaming Real Media format and require broadband or DSL access. The site also includes 4 course projects and examples of prior student work.

All of the material on this site is open and free to be used by anyone. I invite any of your comments.

on edit: Another way to access this material to to use the Blackboard course site that I use for class. You can access this at: Userword: blender Password: blender
There is a link to the course site listed under “My Courses” on the home page displayed after login. I will use this site for the fall semester. The Blackboard site is not available daily from 1:00AM - 2:00AM Eastern Standard Time.

Neal Hirsig
Tufts University
Medford, MA
[email protected]

This link doesn`t work and the pdf documents available have an unkown document type so I cannot open them.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free at to read the PDF documents. You must have Reader version 6 or above to read the documents.

As the link didnt work I was suching the files through the search engine of the web page (ocw.tufts.eduand ) and all pdf files didnt work, allthough I´m using 7 professionell. But when I tried over again it works. Thanks for sharing the results :slight_smile:


Hey these look great, thanks!

Thank you for choosing Blender as your training tool and now for making this material available to the public! Looks very nice

Hello Neal;
Thanks for posting that link,your course about blender really rocks,
thanks for bring the light to my darkness.


Thank you very much for posting this site… helped me out soooo much

I tried to click on the link and I got a

Service Unavailable - DNS failure

The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #11.9a81093d.1151550558.100d928

I get an error too.

Ditto I get the same

This is very useful, I have learned a lot from it !

Thanks very much Neal :smiley:

i’m unable to visit or dld the book ! where … ¿

marty_one, The Warder, Bulkletproof, 3DGURU

Thanks for your posts concerning the Blender Open Courseware web site.
I am not sure why some people cannot reach the Blender Course site:
I have received e-mails from users in Ireland, England, Indonesia and of course the United States that seem to have no problem accessing the site or any of the content. I have contacted the IT people at the Tufts University and they are investigating the problem.

In an effort to solve this problem, can you manually type the URL above into your browser and see if you can access it directly (not through a link as above) and let me know if you can still not reach the site. If this does not work also try accessing the main Open Courseware page:
There is a link to the Blender Course on the bottom left under (School of Arts and Sciences).

Please do post back (or e-mail me at [email protected]) so I can figure out how to solve this problem. Also let me know what country you are from so I can determine if the problem is specific to a particular country or region.

The whole idea behind the Tufts University Open Courseware site is to use the Internet to freely share course information throughout the world. If something is preventing this any help in solving the problem would be greatly appreciated.


Neal Hirsig
Assistant Director of Instructional Services
Tufts University


I am from Canada and can access the course site at, but when I click on the ‘Video and PDF tutorials’ link it takes me to page where I get an ‘invalid page’ message. Hope you manage to sort it out, I am looking forward to reading at the tutorials.

Thanks Alan
I have reported this broken link. Instead of clicking on the “Video and PDF Tutorials” link, click on “Supplementary Material” then either Complete list of PDF tutorials or Complete list of Video tutorials. You can also access these via the Learning Units link.

I clicked this link in your reply
and I got there okay.

Neal, i dont know if anything has changed at your end or not. I cant get to the website at all now. Previously i couldn’t get to the tutorials section now I cant get to the website at all.

Also I am in australia.
My IP at the moment is if this helps.

The site seems to be prone to blowouts. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it works for awhile and then stops.

There could be a bad router (my friends router needs 2 queries before it hauls itself out of bed), a failing server or maybe bandwidth problems. Or maybe even the DNS servers could be flaky. Customers of a very large cable company was unable to reach Yahoo for a couple of weeks.

This should be a STICKY.

Wow, thanks :slight_smile: