Open Development Indie Adventure Game: The New Kid

Hey, everyone, its BlenderJunkie.
I missed the Game Jolt Game Jam, and BGMC 17. I had some pretty great ideas, but just missed them, so I decided to put them together, and I came up with this:

The New Kid

Everyone hates school. And since its coming up, I decided to try and make a game that will add fun to school. It will be a simulator, almost in the style of Yandere Simulator, just not as psychotic. You will customize your student, then enter the school. You choose to be good, or bad, get good grades or bad, and everything will be interactive. You can make friends,
and there will be a popularity rating. If you choose to be a bully, then there will have to be a punishment.

I’ve done some work on a class room, here it is.

It’s horrible, but it’s my first day.
Post here if you want to help. I can use it.


This seems like it would be an interesting game. I would like to learn more about how you see the game playing out.

Sounds very interesting. I would love to help you with your project!