Open distributed rendering


we are two young guys from germany and needed more cpu power for our animations. So we started developing a distributed render environment open for all.

You can share your computer and use other computers for rendering over the internet. Your priority for rendering increases as much as you share your computer. All the rendering runs in a virtual machine, so it should be pretty safe to run it on your computer.

I hope this is interesting for some of you. At the moment we only support the Blender internal renderer for rendering animations, but we plan to integrate yafray and luxrender soon.

If you are interested please help us testing as there are definitely still a few bugs to hunt, run your renderings and share your computer:


Interesting project! How does it compare to the BURP project?

For my own concern: when I submit a .blend to vSwarm, how protected is that file from the contributor community? Does your virtual machine paradigm protect my proprietary data from getting “lifted” by someone out there who may have less-than-honorable intentions? I know BURP provides no such guarantee, so just wondering… :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting.

Will it also be available for OS X and Linux in the future?

mzungu: At the moment your files are just stored inside the virtual machine. In one of the next versions we will encrypt the virtual machine. Then you will need a lot of work and time to extract the source files.
Compared to BURP our focus is on streamlined rendering. Your job should be done within a few hours without a lot overhead. And the virtual machine has big advantages: The computer running the job is very safe, even if a source file with malicious code gets into the virtual machine. And we do not need to modify the applications. We can just use any open source software that runs on linux. So it is easy to add yafray and luxrender soon.

MasterDomino: We have already made some progress with the linux version. Max OS is planned. The release of the linux version depends on the time we need for fixing bugs in the windows version and how much the community uses our tool for rendering. If it is useful for many people we are definitely be more motivated to develop further.

Thanks for your interest so far. And please render as much as you can :slight_smile:


+1 Linux version :slight_smile: (that would let me add my quad core - hint hint ;))

If this a free software (free as in free speech) project? The site seems not. There isn’t anonimous download available nor source code anywere.

Why do you need so much personal info for a fking distributed rendering client?

There isn’t any ‘About us’ page.

Besides, I don’t see how you can engage in personal data collection and custody without being a legal entity. Here in Spain, authorities would give you a hard time for that.

If you are testing the waters for a future a commercial endeavour, or/and you are going to use the Blender Community to mature your business case and for betatesting, take a look here:

Hey Alvaro,

we are a legal german company (ilexius GmbH) in Germany, obey all laws and are very concerned about privacy. We do not like any sort of data retention as long as it is not necessary. We like and support Open Source Software with our projects.

At the bottom of there is a link “Imprint” and “About Us”. There you can read more about the two guys developing this project and the legal background.

About us:

The client source will be published, at the moment it is undergoing very fast changes.
I hope your concerns are a little bit smaller now. If you have any questions just write me.

seko (Sebastian Koch)

EDIT: We do not provide an anonymous download because you can not use the client without an account to receive jobs. We try to conserve our bandwidth, as the client is about 400MB.

EDIT2: You can read on our page that we think about a paid version later. We will involve the community in all these decisions. At the moment my favorite option is to let users buy priority and share the earned money with all users providing their cpu power and some open source projects. I do not think that Open Source and money is in contrast. Developers of OSS projects need money for food and rent as anyone else :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer, I see that you are a legal entity. Anyway I don’t think my question has been answered,

why do you need to collect so much private data for something that could be run more or less in an anonimous way IMO. In another words, in which way the private data collected improves the service or makes it more reliable?

Anyway, my advice is stating up front it your web page:

  • German privacy laws you must adhere with, and the regulatory body that will check on your operations regarding the personal information database.
  • State out right whether the database could or couldn’t be sold to third parties, or what happens with it if the company is disolved.
  • Your ‘free software’ policy, if you have one. (free as in free speech)
  • You real plans about going commercial in the future and what your business case will be if certain goals are reached.

Doing business with open source is not a sin. Lying and deceiving people is.

Very interesting project indeed! I’d like to parrot what others here have suggested: a bit more info on your intentions vs privacy and FOSS would be a good idea. And as mentioned I think being upfront with the commercial aspect of it (i.e. buying priority etc) is also a good thing; I’m pretty sure most people here would agree that earning money on your work in some way is not a Bad Thing ™, as long as you’re open and clear about it from the start.

That being said, if you follow these guidelines I’ll be happy to participate in sharing CPU cycles when there is a linux client available!

Hey Alvaro,

thanks for your advice. I think we should place our privacy policy and terms of use at a more prominent place. We will never sell any personal data and you do not have to fill in these fields, thats clearly visible on the registration page.
You can find the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions at the bottom of each page, on the registration page and you must read and accept them before you can register.


We also write about future plans and the possibility to add a commercial service on our website.

One thing: Before posting any speculations like that we are “lying” and “deceiving” people, please read at least our website. If that does not satisfy you just ask before you say bad things about us. It looks like you visited our main page and the registration link only.

EDIT: We have updated our website with more information about how a commercial version could work, see

I just rendered a test file with this project and i must say im very impressed, everything was straight forward. and fast.

I like the idea of being payed for the cpu cycles of my machine being used.