Open EXR: In a renderfarm, is this the best for post layer change on composition?


I’m using respower (renderfarm), to render a couple of scenes, that are set using nodes.

To keep the possibilitie of changing settings on the nodes, I’m thinking about using Open EXR (with zDepth enabled).

Does it mean, then, I can allways open up blender compositon nodes, use the rendered files from respower, in Open EXR format, and re-arrange / set / play with node settings the way I want ?

The solution by now, without thinking too much (and yeah not the best way), I’ve been doing split renders, ex: Putting by pars each blend file, wish is kind a embarassing.
I mean, I’ve got a blend file called scene_A_version_0_0_1.blend, I then create a composition for each renderLayer to the composite node, in a separate file:

…and so on!

Then, I get all the files, with their own Alpha and composite the way I want. This obviously, is really time consuming, and takes loads of time: Supose you want to do a specific change?

Actually, about doing changes, if its true what I’ve asked or stated about Open EXR:

What if I had a full rendered file (a complete scene, with all its layers), on a Open EXR file, and then, even tough I could make color changes etc, for each Layer. What If I wanted to keep all the layers except one, wish I needed to re-render ?

Could I then mix that to the composition ?

Any sugestion about this issue, is really apppreciated!

Thanks , in advance, for your atention, time and answer!


Yes! This format is great!
I’ve used and tryed the multilayer option, and it does everything and more!

This is crazy! Excelent format!

Does it support gimp ? Other image editors? Could I do batch for multiple files on a sequence,
with multiple layers?

Thats what I’m going test =)

Still, any sugestions or advices are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Sadly Gimp currently still only supports 8 bit colour (Possibly 16 bit if you build your own, but don’t quote me, I’m not sure if it is implemented yet).

Cinepaint will do what you want, if you are on linux.
Imagemagick can open .exr files, but I don’t know how well it processes multilayer exr.

Hi organic,

I’ve never understood what cinepaint is. Its like …based in gimp?!

Thanks about the tip on imagemagick =)

apparently Krita(from Koffice) supports openEXR too, although I’m not sure about layers and Z.
Also there is the exrtools commanline apps that can do very basic stuff and convert to png or jpg.
As I understand it Cinepaint forked from the gimp project to add 16bit a flipbooking tageted to working with image sequences.

Yeah, it used to be called filmgimp.
Some professional studios use it for postproduction work on cinefilm.