[Open for recruitment!] Project Edge: Character Rigging Phase

Due to my envy of others starting their own animation shorts, I craved to start my own. :smiley: This is a project I’d like to call “Project Edge”. My colleague had directed a series of sword fights and fight scenes for a stage play but most of it was scraped off during the final phase so I took the liberty of asking him to lend the taped choreography to me and he did. :eyebrowlift2: I’m planning to produce an animation short based mostly around those moves and some dialogues I’m still writing from scratch. I’ve done some animation tests using some of the choreography as guides and it turned out quite well. Positioning the camera to match the guide is pretty hard though. :frowning:

For the character’s concept, I’m just modeling them from whatever I have in mind but I’m sure I’ll be looking up on references around the net. I’m still modeling the base of the first character and will put in some clothes later on. Here she is:

Here’s her full frontal base render. I’m in the place where I can’t see what’s wrong with the topology anymore, I’m sure you modelers visit the place once in a while too :slight_smile: , so I absolutely need constructive criticisms here. After modeling the whole body, I’ll rotate down the arms to an “A” pose (arms slightly raised from rest pose) because the “T” pose (arms perpendicular with the torso) produces unpleasant armpit deformations when rotated down to rest pose after rigging. I figured using shape keys or a bone’s action constraint is enough to fix the problem. I’ll deal with that probably later during the rigging phase.

Here’s the butt part. :slight_smile: Modeling the butt is pretty hard, not to mention the extrusion of the thighs from the torso to start off the leg. :spin:

And here’s a close-up render of the face. I’m not aiming towards realism here so I didn’t use any reference pictures. She started off looking like a smurf :smiley: and I tweaked her into looking more like a human.

C&C welcome. :smiley:

Cool, hope your having fun and learning lots. it’s OK to use references, I find it easier to model that way but that’s me. your doing good with out it. hope to see it animated soon, maybe you can show me a few things. Graham

Thanks. I’ll be updating this thread once in a while for progress so you can bet that you’ll see more soon. :eyebrowlift: I’m still on the modeling phase so I’m doing what I’ve been doing for a couple of years now, no new experience gained whatsoever. Although I’m expecting to learn more about organizing my files later on during the process, one of the things I really suck on :smiley: as well as learning how to efficiently do an animation with two characters in one scene at the same time, I’m still a complete noob when it comes to that. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be asking for help from fellow Blenderartists users here who specialize on skills that I lack so just please keep yourself on the look out, this also goes to other users reading this, because I might need your help later on. I’m not planning this to be a one-man project. :yes: Of course, I’ll be crediting your names afterwards. :slight_smile:

Further updates on the modeling process:





Modeling update:

She still doesn’t have feet. :smiley: And if you’re gonna look at her belly, there’s something missing that I’ve only realized just now… her belly button. :smiley: As for her shoulder protection, there should be a strap that runs around and under her armpits but I’m thinking I’ll just leave that to the textures.

Here’s the butt part. :smiley: I’m still deciding on whether I’ll change her lower clothing, or at least cover the butt cheeks. :slight_smile:

Comments and critiques are always welcome here. :slight_smile:

A quick turntable of Aella:

Modeling update:

This may be the final draft of her outfit but I may add some more detail in the future.

Now she has hair. :yes:

Looking from the side, you’ll notice some faults on her back topology. There’s a slight bump there, I don’t know if you can see it. I’m not talking about the front bump because that’s too obvious. :smiley:

Here, the bump is noticeable. She’s still up for further tweaking. I may also have to change the lens size, she’s starting to look like a toy or something. :smiley:

Okay, so here’s what I have in mind:

The Premise. The premise of the whole short is simply “Brain beats brawn.” :yes: I’m putting a lady bounty hunter against a big pumped muscle dude criminal. The bounty hunter will win because she has brains, that simple. :smiley:

The Plot. The short will be composed mainly of a fight scene. I’m still planning on a dialogue at the beginning but that all depends if I get to recruit voice actors here or offline or if someone has an idea where to find them (for free, of course) coz I’m wondering if there’s a specific forum for that. :spin:

I’m currently looking for help from fellow blenderartists, hopefully to form a team for the project. These are the current positions open:

Weapons Specialist. (taken)
No, you don’t have to be an assassin :D, you only need to know a lot about swords, katanas, bow and arrow, etc… This position will be more like a weapons design consultant. You will be leaning more on concept.

Weapons Modeler. (taken)
You will be working closely with the weapons specialist because he/she will be creating the concept for you to model.

Landscape Modeler/Artist.
You will be the one to design and model the landscape of the whole scene. I’m not planning a too detailed set. The setting will be a rocky deserted place looking like the first scene in Final Fantasy Advent Children. You hold all the artistic touch here, do whatever you wanna do with the place, :eyebrowlift2: just don’t make it too high poly, please. :smiley:

Voice Actors (male & female).
As I’ve mentioned, I hope there’ll be someone willing to take this position. There is only 1 page of dialogue included in this short so it shouldn’t take up much time if you’re a busy person. :smiley: I’ll be uploading the script later if you wanna read it. :yes:

So, there you have it. Everyone is welcome to join. :smiley:

It seems to be a very good project, hope you find people to help you !!

Yeah, I really hope so. :yes:

It will be fine … you have a great character and lots of ideas :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

Weapons Specialist, Weapons Modeler they not the samething only that the weapons specialist looks up the weapons?

The weapons specialist is more like weapons concept artist. He will be in-charge of drawing concepts of weapons. The weapons modeler is in-charge of modeling the concepts drawn by the weapons specialist. I sort of merged “weapons concept” artist with “weapons consultant” because “weapons consultant” will just mean you’ll only be providing references or information about a certain weapon.

ok i make a katanas sword do u have a gmail or a yahoo where we can talk faster

That’s great. :smiley: Welcome to the team. I’ll PM you my e-mail.

Updates on the modeling:






I’m just not that comfortable looking at her hair, I may have to remodel it again. As you can see, I also remodeled her outfit because the first one looked kinda blocky. I’ve already started with the texturing. I’m planning to finish this character within a month and start with the next one.

an i make the hood rat plssss plsssss plsssss plssssss.

opps i mean can i

Here’s another update after a long busy week.




Blender kid’s swords are amazing by the way. I’ll post them up after I finish texturing them. I got caught up with Aella’s hair that’s why it took me too much time to update. I can’t waste anymore time on it so I decided on this one. I actually modeled this from scratch, and 4 more for that matter, because I really am meticulous when it comes to the hair. Well, this one will be an animation short so I don’t need this to look high end quality so I left a lot of faults at the back of her head. This type of hair is really hard to do. I mean, each hair I modeled for her before this took me about 2 to 3 hours tops. It requires planning ahead before modeling, mainly you have to know what type of hair you want before you go on ahead and do it and I was not the type. Whenever I launch Blender I just model straight away, which cost me a lot of time. Although I learned a lot in the process and saw a lot of useful tutorials too. Anyway, I’m on to the next object to texture so I’ll be busy again.

Recruitment is still open if ever you’re wondering. :yes: Weapons Consultant and Modeler is already taken.