Open Game Development Project:Wrectified

Call for recruitment,
Need your name in a production quality game?

Lets make one together :slight_smile:

Project goals

Build a fun game, that teaches, and generates ad revenue,

All pieces in game communicate via proximity and rays,
this allows for the addition of new “components” over time without a need for new communication channels,
Also all rigs are procedural animations, so inputting a new movement sequence with a “torque” map is entirely possible, however I am working on a RagDoll IK target system now :slight_smile:

We are in need of a Medium to advanced python coder,
We need a texture artists,
We will need voice actors,
We need writers,
We need engineers

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

What would writing or voice acting entail?

COUNT WITH ME BUDDY!!! :)_) already making a sceneries for your game! what do you say? :))

I may be able to help part time with 3d and 2d art.

I’l probably forget to check back on this post later too, I’m sorry if I don’t check back…

Hello, we have a protagonist rigged, and walking using actions to manipulate a rag-doll, it works just fine, however I need a animator to make a more fluid walk, spin in place, jump etc.

The project is nearing demo, and needs polish.

Im getting there without any help, could use some help.

I could do the voice work no problem

I will contact you when we get to that point :smiley:

Let me know if you need sound fx, music, voice acting or even some writing done!

Calling for a animator / rigger to join the team!

found a animator :smiley:

We need all types though, lets blow this up :smiley:


Lets make a name for ourselves and the bge.