Open game project

Hey everyone,

I might be in the wrong place.

I’m a programmer and I’ve got an idea for an “open” game that I want to implement in the panda3d engine. However, while I’ve barely come to grasp mesh basic modeling, the texturing and rigging (I haven’t even started animating) has been sending me bald way before my time.

So, I’ve decided to see if I can avoid the texturing, rigging and animation altogether, with some help. My proposal? Anyone with some spare time would like to lend me a hand on this (I will tell you what it’s all about if you 're interested.)

Things to note:

  • I’ve never done a 3d game before (but I’ve played around with panda3d and can manage it.)
  • While fairly incompetent with it, I’m not a total blender noob. I’ve learned the interface and how to create meshes.
  • As this is an open game, I will not charge for it, and I can’t pay you. (sorry)

So once again: I’m searching for an artist or two and also maybe an animator or two. You don’t have to be the best at what you do, just good enough for it to not make you want to cry.

If you’re interested PM me.

Also if this is the wrong place to ask, and you know the right place, please let me know.

I think there are a few too many team projects going on, but the only one that seems to be getting anywhere is Wild West. I would be glad to help, but I’m working with the Wild West project, as are some others.

Do you have anything to show so people will be inclined to join?

I can show you a plot. I don’t have any concept art because I’m not an artist (I’m looking for artists).

check your private mail, I left you an offer.

this forum could be the right place for a project/team request but your post is quite vague?!
Even if you don’t have artistic skills, you must/should present a detailed project:
plot, overall style, characters, levels and so on
Then start a WIP thread, and people will “appear”, I’m sure ( even me, in two or three hours, I can add a character/object)!

Sorry about the vagueness. Please see:

If there’s anything I left out, please tell me and I will post it there.