open GL model: text Map or Vertex Coloring?

In my 757 model, I am having trouble deciding on how to get the color scheming I need.

Normal logic would tell me I just need to texture map it, using UV mapping I guess. However, the program I am creating this model for seems to only utilitze vertices and their colors ( no mention of texture capability).

Should I go about this with UV mapping and have the color scheme EXPORT with the CAD file i will make, or should i vertex color everthing. I am assuming that to color every vertex I’d also have to add more just to get the same color scheme shapes.

This is my first 3d Modeling project, and my first one to export for use in a 3d engine. So any and all advice is welcome since I am still lost on some things.

my WIP is located here:

I have not updated the picture recently, but i have put the finish on the engines.

If the engine only supports vertex colours and that’s the engine you want to use, then vertex colours is what you have to use. But, I would seriously think twice about using such a limited engine. Even the most basic engines around support texture mapping because it doesn’t make sense to have an engine whose texture quality is limited to the geometric resolution of the models because it forces you to make overly complex models to get the object details.

yeah, I am personally upset over how basic the engine is. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a choice because I am creating this model for someone else. Their software renderer is dated to 1998, so you can imagine how basic it is.

The more annoying part of this is i’ve spent so much time just try to get the model to look right, and now i pretty much have to add a set of vertices to make contours for coloring, ain’t that a bitch?