Open GL or #D acceleration for blender

Does anyone know which is the better way to have blender running under Linux with an NVidia card using the newest driver for Linux:

Have open GL set but not 3D acceleration, this way I can use 24bit color


Use 3D acceleration which only allows 16 bit screens.


Are these the same thing and to have accelerated graphic that benefit blenders operation I will have to settle for 16 bit color.

Any other information or links related to this would be greatly appreciated.


Umm, I have no idea how you changed those settings, but…

(quoted from another post)
To check if you are using hardware accelerated OpenGL drivers try copying the following into a file, loading the file into a text window (with the dash button on the window header), and running with alt+[p]. The output will be on the console.
(instead of copying/pasting to file, saving, loading in blender you may download this)

from Blender.BGL import * 
print "GL Vendor  ", glGetString(GL_VENDOR) 
print "GL Renderer", glGetString(GL_RENDERER) 
print "GL Version ", glGetString(GL_VERSION) 

essentially you want blender to print to the console that it is using the nvidia drivers (not mesa), however that must be done.

I don’t know how you changed those settings (well, other than color depth) and am unclear about their effect.

Or use OpenGL acceleration at 32 bit.

OpenGL is the interface applications (blender) use to talk to 3d cards.

Blender <----> OpenGL <----> 3d card

Thank you both, I think I have it set up to work the best with blender.