Open GL rendering error in 2.8


I am trying to render a viewport animation in blender 2.82 in windows10
When I go to “Render > View Animation” I get the following error:

File ‘X:\\xxxx\\Shot03\\002\\xxxx_00200.jpg’ not found

The weird thing is that as you can see the file path use //, instead of / or \ (never know which one it is)
Anyone knows what the problem might be or how to solve it?

Thank you!

Well… if I remember well the programming lessons from school, on DOS or Windows, the " / " is for the internet and the " \ " is for local files… so are you render from anything related with the internet?

For example a path on windows normally is: C:\user\docs\file.txt
An internet path is

…Although in linux is also / like [email protected]:~/Desktop /file.blend
anyway… it is my only idea :slight_smile:

Hi Rogerio! thanks for your answer.

yes I vaguely know about the difference between internet, file path, operating systems. It gets a bit messy :smiley: However I don’t understand why there’s the double // in the error. The file output is normally set as I usually do, just by selecting a folder in the file output menu in blender. Not sure what might be causing the problem

I’m on linux, but even so I’ve rendered an animation ( using workbench renderer ) to see what I would get. The test rendered and after going to Render > View Animation it plays just as expected.

The only way for me to mess that up is if I deliberately change the Output path adding a // somewhere.
Then it results in a very similar error report even in Linux. Does your output path looks correct? And then it still gives you the error?

If yes, it must be a Bug…

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oh my god… now I am ashamed :smiley: I am afraid I got confused with 2.79, I was trying to render the animation by going to the render menu. I forgot that in 2.8 it’s in the viewport “view” menu. No wonder blender couldn’t find the files… it wasn’t there! :smiley:

Well, your message helped me to understand my error, so thank you a lot Rogerio! :slight_smile:

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I’m glad you found the solution!
Until next time! :slight_smile:

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