Open Gl

Does anyone know where there are any tutorials on open gl that work
i found this one but it dosn’t work.
i have microsoft visual c++ (ver 6) and dev c++ (ver 4)

You might find something in here:

There are also links for Java, VB, DirectX, C++, Delphi and other stuff on this site.

scotland, normally they work fine. Are you sure you made everything right??

I don’t use the exact neHe tutorials, but the opengl commands should still apply

as for the initalizing an opengl window, and doing stuff with it, it is often easier to use something more abstract (sdl in my case, but glut is easy too)

(I use sdl because it gives me more control than glut and is on more platfroms.
that reminds me, I have work to do)

Make sure you followed the tutorials on the NeHe site correctly. The NeHe site is by far the best site for learning OpenGL. It works fine for me, on msvc++ 5.0.

it really sucks that i cant run opengl on my comp. i have borland cbuilder 4 and i have ms dlls which i have to convert to borland libs but i dont have the coff2omf.exe with my distro, and cant find it anywhere on the web…would anybody be so kind as to email it to me or something? :expressionless:

[email protected]



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oh…right…this is the elysiun forum…naaa. its just gonna get moved…

i downloaded the code thats at the bottom and tryed to compile that but it didn’t understand the cds_fullscreen bit
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there are some good tutorials at

there are also forums there for help if you get stuck on one of the tutorials.

check this out.

then this,

  • Satish.

iluvblender: does the glut distro include the libs?

I thought there were some good tuts on, but the site’s being updated at the moment.