Open images with standard file dialogs (windows only)

A hack I use when I need to try some textures. The standard Windows dialogs has thumbnail preview of images and almost every Windows user has his hardrive full of thumb.db files.
I know its not an elegant solution to the fact the thumbnail browser code is unstable, but in the meantime… :wink:

Once run the script presents you with this options:

Load Image(s) - It will load an image into blender without fuhrer action.
Note you can load several images at once if you choose so.

Load and Replace Image - It will load an image and then present you with
a list of already loaded images. The one you choose gets replaced by the
image you are loading. If you are replacing a currently uv mapped texture
y texture view, you can see the update in the 3D View instantly.

Load and Replace Last Loaded Image - Same as above but no list to choose
from. It replaces the previous loaded image using the script. Usefull to
try lots of images without cluttering the blend file with too many
references to images.

Load into Texture Slot – Loads and image, sets an Image Texture in the
texture slot of you like, and places the loaded image there.

Needs a full Python installation to work ( Just unpack in your scripts folder (for convenient access it register itself in the HELP menu, again not very elegant but its just a hack)

Get the file here

Also in the zip Open Text File and Open Blend File in case you need them.