Open Inventor File in Blender

I work for an engineering firm that builds large industrial machinery. They do all modeling in Inventor. I want to be able to take those models and animate them in Blender. Is that possible? My engineers tell me the dxf import option will not work since dxf files are not 3d. Help? Ideas? Other suggestions?

hi I am a Solidworks user…
I suggest you try exporting from Inventor as either STL, VRML or 3DS if it does…
Blender handles these well

  • there IS also a script now for 2d/3d dxf (with some limitations)

however - animating complex machinery would not be esp easy./quick…
I think you should consider something more native to Inventor for large works
is there not an animation/renderer add-on available for Inventor as there is for Solidworks?
Perhaps you could hire someones services if you are unfamiliar with blender - or - get someone with a proper add-on to do it