Open Movie Competition: Blender Guru

Ive decided to enter the latest blender guru competition. My scene will use Sintel, and she appears to be in a bit of trouble…hanging from a sky scraper in a modern world.

Here is my first bit of progress…ATM, im just trying to position her properly…some of the face rigging appears to be broken…


Ive update the pose now, and have also decided that its not a building she hanging from, but from the landing bars of a helicopter with the city below…


Wow, nice concept. I love the “hair blowing in the wind” effect. =)

Update…ive started putting the city underneath her together…im using the technique which Andrew uses in his Tutorial, but am using cycles. Lots more details to add and also more variation in the tower blocks. Also got to match the lighting from sintel to the scene below (since i still haven’t changed her default lighting) Im also going to hopefuly have smoke bellowing from one of the towers with a bit of an explosion :smiley:


ive still been working on this…but updates have been slow :confused: Im still in the process of getting the city layout right…and im also going to ad more buildings, and make variations on the ones which exist…


I like the image. The depth/perspective looks good and it’s visually interesting. Position and emotion of Sintel look good as well. You know what might make this image really cool, though? What if you had Celia’s Freaky robot hand reaching down to offer Sintel help? Or maybe even holding onto Sintel as she is dangling from the edge of a building? I realize it’s a completely new shot, but I think if you added something like that in there, it might really up the story-value of your shot.

hmm, i like your thinking…i completely forgot about tears of steel…I’ll definitely look into that :smiley:

Another update…ive not tried the robotic arm yet, partly because i have no idea where i download the tears of steal files :confused: But i re-done the layout of the city…and have started texturing the road etc…ill add some more details like lamp posts, mail boxes. I also added a texture to the helicopter landing gear which she is clinging on to…but i don’t like it too much…


Ah, so it’s a helicopter she’s clinging to. I was wondering about that. I agree that the texture isn’t all that great for it.

I searched for the tears of steel files and couldn’t find them either so maybe they’re not out yet. If anyone does know about them, hopefully they can let the rest of us know.

The shot is coming along though either way. Keep it up.

The robot arm is available on blendswap:
Hope this helps.



downloaded it and have started incorporating it into my scene. The rigging on that thing is insane…
because im rendering in BI (mainly die to sintel looking better in BI) I will have to convert the cycles materials…if only there was a magic button similar to Lux…


Good first attempt. Looking forward to seeing it once you get the lighting and materials issues worked out.