Open movie: Sample


I move to other place. Nothing here anymore.

Most of the help you will gather here would be with modelling, texturing, rendering as would be done in blender.

I recently came across a site that may be more help to you to find more varied talents -

Once you get the ball rolling you may want to drop back here for help with more particular modelling, texturing, lighting… questions.

I move out. Thanx.

I looked that page and it don’t look quite good place for a open movie, wich is made fully with Blender. And what is wrong in this site? There are many animators and other people in this site also.

If this don’t work, i think about that, but now I stay on this page because here are most of the blender users.

You should read this forum ‘sticky’ about asking for help on the forum.

I haven’t spotted that. Sorry. How can I delete (or lock) this thread.