Open movies: where are the characters?

I bought the DVD 's for both Elephant’s Dream and Big Buck Bunny. I’ve been known to PayPal folks $5 or $10 here or there when I like something that was released to the public under a Creative Commons license.

But why don’t all these open projects, Durian, Orange, Peach, Elephants’, Bunny, Chaos, etc. provide a “Mancandy” for each project? Right now I feel like I’d donate $10 for every usable cc-by character I could get out of these. Usable to the state that Mancandy (or Ludwig or RedNelb) is! On the Buck Bunny DVD, I found one cute little bird that I wanted to take home with me, but it had some flaw that I never could get it to work (invisible feathers or something?) Proog was hopelessly clunky file, and I just found an untextured “giant” off the Elephants Dream website.

I’m guessing that each of these projects take several person-months of work, hope for donations, and talk about making source files available. But there’s not that much available. On one hand, I am probably sounding like a wholly ungrateful lout, but I’m also speaking as one of the customers, the class of users yall’re hoping to get donations from. It kind of gives the Blender enthusiast an underwhelmed feeling when one goes looking through the filesets. If I were the director, I’d have one of the engineers spend a day or two cleaning up the two main characters to a quality level of RedNelb or Mancandy for general use. Kind of like Pixar investing in high-quality action figures that get “sold” with $4 Happy Meals. It’s a straight-up business proposition.

Ah, with even more and more searching, I found this:

All the movies come with every file that was used in the film