open muffin - collaborative animation


We, the people from the collaborative muffin project, are a bunch of animation fans who want to create some great 3D animation shorts.
We started from scratch and have developed a funny screenplay together.

It’s about our lazy teenage hero Joe, who lacks both money and food. He decides to apply for a job as a pizza delivery boy, but in order to get the job he has to pass a test. Will he succeed? Read the whole screenplay here:

Some visual concept/design work is already done, but we are just at the beginning and we are always happy for enthusiastic and gifted people who want to participate creating the movie.

In order to make that easier, we maintain a list of open tasks:
Just pick one that you’d like to do and get in contact with us in the forum.

If you want to stay informed about our progress or about new tasks, subscribe to our newsletter, the newsfeed or the special task web feed:


Every other detail about the project can be found on the blog:
Get in touch with us at our forum or via mail:
[email protected]

other stuff:

Unless this is going to be a porn project, I highly suggest changing the name to open cupcake. Muffin is sometimes used as slang to describe the female reproductive organ in the USA, Australia, and the UK.

When I read the title, it reminded me of The monty python movie “The life of Brian” when Cesar starts talking about is good friend “Biggus”.

Oh, by far the most serious idea for a community project I’ve seen! How is the the project going to be managed (are you the project manager?). Just wondering 'cause I’ve seen numerous online collaborative fail and in most cases it’s due to lack of project management… I think for this project to succeed it’s needs to be well organized…

didn’t know that, but i guess the attention to this thread is secured :wink:

@gustav: project management will be crucial, you’re right. i will coordinate the project and since it’s a student project, i will have lots of time for it (a year almost full time). i’m certain that this project will have good results. the question to me is how good :slight_smile:


Some people like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say there is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of god’s gray earth as that prince of foods… the muffin!

so funny:
half a year ago or so, i wanted to show some colleagues the mancandy rig, so i used firefox’s awesome bar and typed in mancandy.
it quickly directed me to a gay partner site with a big picture of a handsome man. kind of embarrassing, but funny as hell :smiley:

I’ve never ever heard “muffin” used for anything vulgar. I’d think Cupcake is much worse, because cake I certainly have seen in that context.

Ah… what was once old and became new is now new… again. :wink:

Best of luck with your project. Your post has certainly brought back some memories from the earlier days of this forum.

Here is an urban dictionary posting.:

and yet another way to use it:

on the sidebar, are few other ways, I am not going to link to, they are even to vulgar for my humor. :o

i didn’t know your project before, but what a funny conicident that we picked the same name :slight_smile:
well, (my) muffin’s story isn’t necessarily about cupcakes, but still.

i couldn’t find a working link to your final animation. could you please provide me one?


This looks like a great project! I’d really like to see a short film be developed in such a way, but like others here I have my doubts about how it would be managed and whether or not it’s actually possible. I really hope it works. I think it would be a pretty awesome way to shake up the animation/film industry!

That said, I’m just a Blender beginner (and a 3D noob altogether) so I probably can’t help with much but if I find something I’ll give it a try.

Good luck with everything! I’ll be following the progress.

Umm, Taco… I will never be the same again…

hi jdbentley!

i’m glad you like the idea. your scepticism is totally ok, since i don’t know for myself if it’ll work out the way i want. the only thing i know is that i’m motivated and for i’m going to spend one year on the muffin. we’ll see how well it works out.

i also want to invite beginners. if you’re willing to learn, working with pros can be a great experience for you. the worst thing that could happen is you spend some time and it doesn’t get appreciated/accepted.


To be fair, although I was involved with the original muffin project, I cannot say that it was mine. Looking at the first thread I linked, you may notice that as time moved forward the project started suffering from scope creep and was ultimately never completed as interest waned on it. The second link was my implementation of the original project’s story; making it just to get something produced. I have a link for it somewhere around here. I’ll send it to you once I remember where it is.

Good luck!


I’m very glad that, at this early stage, there are already so many helpers that are submitting good story ideas.

You can read them here:

Good planning takes time and we don’t want to rush into production. So we postponed the deadline for story development to the 27th of january. That’s your chance to submit your own story or help improve other stories.


P.S.:@jdbentley: thanks for sharing. i liked it a lot :slight_smile:
Ladies and gentleman,

I’m very proud to announce the first round of voting for the muffin project. Many people contributed lots of wonderful stories and now we have to decide which one is the best.

Please take some time to read them and decide for yourself. Every vote counts and is a valuable feedback.

Just follow the link to the stories and the voting:

If you want to read the stories offline, download the PDF-file here:


hey guys!

i updated the first post!

don’t miss the new viral here:

lots of things happend since the project started. we have developed a funny screenplay and are working on concepts. but the first post tells this anyways.


lol! And an interesting history. Hope you can break the “Curse of the open muffin project!”.

Seems you are well organized. That is a start. I like the video.

The weakest point I see is the artwork. With that done it will be much easier to get the modeling completed.

And who is going to direct it?

Good luck.

This is excellent and totally accessible, great organization, looks easy to participate.
success rate is unusually high!

i’d say we have a wide variety in drawing skills among us, but you’re right. we are in the middle of the concept phase and a lot of things need to be done or improved.

that’s why i’m writing here :slight_smile:

the project is democratic, so everyone can join discussion and decisions are made via votings. see details here: